K&M's Rabbitrys

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Site updated on....  June 14, 2015

Hello, and Welcome to K&M's Rabbitrys !!!

We hope that you enjoy the website !!!

Here is a little bit about us and the critters that share there lives with us...

We are two friends who love rabbits, and other critters.We met in 4H, and have had rabbits ever since, (going on 20 + years)  and looking forward to getting our young boys into 4H as well !  We also enjoy having our chickens, dogs, a few reptile friends.


If you have any questions about anything we will try to answer them the best we can !!! If you are looking for a special breed of rabbit that you can not find. I would be happy to try to help you find what you are wanting.... hope to hear from you !  Just contact us.