K&M's Rabbitrys

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 Get in touch! 

We would love to hear from you ! If you are looking for a rabbit, we can see if we can get you want you want, or try our best to point you in the right direction !!! Also If you have any questions, Please ask us we will try to answer them the best that we can ! We love helping people out and getting them started into the world of rabbits. Just Text, Email, or Call !!!

If you leave us a message we will return it as soon as we can !

If for some reason you did try to contact us and you didn't get a response.

 Try again for some reason we must not have got your message!

 We will not ignore anyone !!!  Hope we hear from you soon !

Contact Information

K&M's Rabbitrys

Our Phone Numbers

(812) 760-5409

(812) 568-3228

Location: Evansville, IN  & Poseyville, IN