K&M's Rabbitrys

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Bunnies We Have For Sale, and At Times We may Have Other Things Too... or we can help you find something.
Cages, Supplys, tattoo  equipment, Guinea pigs, chickiens, 
Just check out this page to see what we have! or ask us!  

If We Do Not Have Something You Are Looking For,  Let Us Know An We Will Point You in The Right Direction !!!

Updated on .... June 2016

Sorry we do not have any Rabbits available at this time. If  you are looking for something special, feel free to contact us and we can do our best to point you in the right direction!!!

If you see a Bunny you like, and it is not ready for its new home quite yet, or you are not quite ready for your new bunny yet but really like one you see....

We will hold a bunny for you with out a deposit for 2 days. We will hold it for up to 2 weeks, with a deposit of 1/2 your total amount. If you need us to hold one longer  we will help you out and work out someting.  Just let us know what you need!!!


"Easter & Pet Bunnies policy" 

We will have Bunnies for Easter !  If you get a Bunny or Rabbit from us and you decide that it is not the right pet for you. We will take it back and find it a new home,(no matter how long you have kept your bunny ! ! ! )  However we can not refund your money.

( as we probably have already spent it on rabbit food.) 

But Please DO NOT take any of our bunnies to a shelter !  WE WILL TAKE THEM BACK ! 

Thank You!

Thank you for hopping by !