K&M's Rabbitrys

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::K&M's Jen.  Fawn Doe::

We will be breeding Flemish Giants soon ! 
expected to have some available end of July - Oct.

feel free to ask what we have at anytime..... 

A True Black and A True Blue Rabbit is:
A Black or Blue rabbit with only Black and Blue in the Pedigree. 

All Flemish Giants come with full pedigrees,

  prices on Flemish Giants start at $50. & up ... True Blacks and Blues start at $75. & up.. each individual rabbit is priced according to its quality as a 

(Show, Breeder, or Pet.)  

::The Gentle Giant::

::Blue Orbit  at 8 months old , with Ian at  2yrs old ::

Mini Rex litters expected:

Expecting litters out of blue doe, 
& litter from opal doe

All Mini Rex Come with Full Pedigrees

Sr's & Jr. Mini Rex Are All Priced by Quality. 

( Pet, Breeder, & Show ) 

::Baby Mini Rex Bunnies::

Lilac Litters Expected: 

(Planning on breeding lilacs end of July, - Aug.)

Feel free to ask about the planned litters, and we can put you on waiting list if interested .

 All Lilac Rabbits do come with pedigrees.
Lilac Sr's & Jr's are all priced by quality. 
(Pet, Breeder, & Show)

Lilac Breed Rabbits  are listed as a 'watched' breed on the
conservation priority list., which means that there are fewer than 200 annual registrations in the United States and estimated global population less than 2,000.

Lilac's are considered a rare breed

Cross Breed Litters: 

At the moment we do not have any cross breed Bunnies. 

"We usually do not have cross breed bunnies,

unless someone has asked for some." 

If you are looking for something special, Please let us know and we will help you out the best we can !